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Jethro Tull Endorses Apps Built by Fustino Brothers, Inc.

Caption: May 2014 – Fustino Brother’s (Gary left, Russ right) shown supporting plaque from the September 2012 Ian Anderson’s Jethro Tull tour at Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater FL with Rich (holding passes) celebrating apps endorsement. The three Fustino Brothers indicated- “It was an honor to be back stage for the meet ‘n’ greet (Anderson holding cup), and that was the spark.”


Jethro Tull Endorses Apps Built by Fustino Brothers, Inc.
Release Date: 5/5/2014

TAMPA, FL – May 5, 2014 – Fustino Brothers, Inc, (FBI) a new startup App Building company, today announced their first “rock star legend” business agreement. FBI has gained endorsement status on Windows Phone Jethro Tull App and future cross-platform Jethro Tull Apps with permission to utilize Tull assets. Jethro Tull was one of the top 5 touring acts of the 1970′s and the favorite band of the Fustino Brothers. Continued next page…


…Fustino Brothers- Tull Apps Press Release Continued.

The Brothers have a deep passion and appreciation for Ian Anderson’s music, performances and genius. This includes the Jethro Tull band music and especially Ian Anderson’s solo works with approximately 50 CDs published spanning 6 decades. Also, Ian Anderson released a brand new CD in April 2014, Homo Erraticus. Ian’s band has just started a two year tour performing the new CD and the best of Jethro Tull. Get the free FBI App, to see the tour dates near you along with videos, photos and music information at your fingertips. Go to:

Russ Fustino (Russ’ Toolshed Network – New Port Richey FL) FBI’s President and CEO, a Microsoft MVP in client development, says, “We would love nothing more than to have Jethro Tull, in the pocket of fans worldwide, young and old. Tull has provided much entertainment in our family and this is our way of saying Thank You.”

Rich Fustino, FBI’s Chief Audio Engineer, founder of Steele Productions, teacher of 47+ years at Matt’s Music (Tonawanda NY) and Crossroads Music Center (Williamsville NY) says, “I was turned on to Tull listening to their 3rd album Benefit. I could not stop playing it, and then turned my brothers on to it. We all attended the Aqualung Tour as our first concert together. I am so happy to help ‘benefit’ Tull fans worldwide.”

Gary Fustino, FBI’s VP, an ambassador for both the Tampa Bay’s St. Pete Chamber and Midstate Chamber of Connecticut, eServices Director for Bluffs Business Association, dba: Design For Communication and founder of InBusinessLinks Network – says “The key to our success is to generate apps in the shortest period of time while yielding high quality standards. Tull’s fabulous album art and music have been a creative inspiration.”

In making this agreement happen, the Fustino Brothers were assisted by the outstanding efforts of their family lawyer Houston Putnam Lowry, F.C.I. ARB of Brown & Welsh. P.C. in CT. Houston was successful in guiding them through international legalize necessary to bridge the pond between America and Great Britian.

Fustino Brothers, Inc is an app generation company. FBI apps are entertaining educational apps for the Windows Phone Marketplace and Windows 8 Store. Additional platforms include Android and Apple iOS. FBI has a unique app engine architecture, creating data driven apps. FBI utilizes this engine by pulling in designer fonts, graphics, music, and video as well as instrumentation and globalization. FBI is only just starting to plan an experience of a lifetime!

Follow @FustinoBrothers on Twitter to stay ‘in tune’ with FBI announcements regarding Tull and please like FBI Facebook Page,

Jethro Tull and Ian Anderson names, logos, likeness, and music are registered and copyrighted by Ian Anderson Group of Companies, LTD.


WPUG Tampa MAY 2014 meetings

See details at the new site

May 1, 2014 6:30PM, See Russ Fustino deliver a session on building an app with Unity. This is a special joint meeting with Tampa Bay Area Games For Windows Developers Guild and the Windows Phone User Group.

Register here

Location: Microsoft Building TAMPA-5426
5426 Bay Center Dr Ste 700, Tampa, FL (map)

Topic: Building a Match Game Using Unity2D [Russ Fustino]

Russ Fustino, MVP Client Dev, will cover building an Unity application from scratch, as well as a little about Unity and how this software is not just for games anymore. See Russ show several resources for building Unity Apps, including: certain tutorials, Unity Asset Store, the Unity Editor, migrating an Asset store template to an app, tips and tricks,  audio, adding properties that are arrays, debugging with Unity VS (a third party tool), and Building for Windows Phone and Windows Store 8 as well as other platforms.


Bio: Highly experienced software developer evangelist and Windows 8 and Phone 8 app developer. Passion for software development and tools thru conveying technology via live seminars, webcasts, blogs, photos and internet video productions. Russ is a Microsoft MVP in Client Dev. Russ is CEO of Fustino Brothers, Inc.


Enjoy this video on a backstage visit with Jethro Tull when they came to Clearwater on the last tour.

May 20, 2014 5:30PM -  Resolving the last 10 percent.

Nick Randolf – MVP

Kevin Wolf – MVP

Kelvin McDaniel – AgileThought

Kevin’s goal for 2014 is to figure out how to reduce/eliminate the “last-mile” syndrome when building a mobile apps…basically you get to the 90% mark and think you are ready to publish, but then spend 90% of the time churning on the last 10%.  See a presentation on tips/tricks for reducing the churn… These two are really tied together.

Build it Beta is now public for Windows Phone app developers, but what is Build it Beta? Well it’s all about Windows Phone Application Testing. There are a number of existing mechanisms available to Windows Phone application developers but none of them offer the simplicity and ease of deployment as say TestFlight. Build it Beta fills that gap, providing a mechanism to allow any Windows Phone application to be deployed for testing to any Windows Phone 8 device*.

Build it Beta

Firstly, why the name?

Well it’s a bit of a play on words – we’re always looking to build better apps and of course during development we often release “beta” versions of the app. Hence the origin of “Build it Better Beta”.

Next, how does it work?

Windows Phone 8 included the ability to deploy applications within the enterprise without going through the Windows Phone Store. This is referred to as enterprise deployment and involves signing an application (ie the packaged application file .xap) with a signing certificate. The same certificate needs to be distributed to the devices that the application is to be tested on. Then the signed xap can be installed on the devices either via code or by distributing the application to the device via email or via a url link. Build it Beta uses this mechanism to deliver a testing tool which eliminates the complexity for both developers and testers.

Attend this session and learn how to get started! A simple set of setup instructions that will be reviewed and get you up and running in no time at all. Download Build it Beta from the Windows Phone Store.

Once you’ve completed the setup, all you need to do is to start sending your .xap files to upload @


Nick Randolph – (@BTRoam) Microsoft MVP – Windows Phone Development

Nick currently runs Built to Roam which focuses on building rich mobile applications. Nick has been identified as a Microsoft MVP in recognition of his work and expertise with the Microsoft mobile platforms. He is still an active contributor in the device application development space via his blog at and Visual Studio Magazine ( Nick has been invited to present at a variety of events including Tech Ed Australia & NZ, MEDC and Code camp. He has also authored multiple books with the latest being Professional Visual Studio 2010 and Professional Development for Windows Phone, and helped judge multiple world finals for the Imagine Cup. Since the release of Windows Phone Nick has worked on numerous Windows Phone applications and has helped hundreds of developers build their own Windows Phone applications. Nick has been involved with Windows Phone applications for well-known brands such as, ninemsn, AFL, NRL, Qantas, JB Hi-Fi and NAB.

Kevin Wolf – (aka @ByteMaster) Microsoft MVP – Windows Phone Development

Kevin Wolf is an independent software consultant and a Microsoft MVP with the expertise in Windows Phone Development from Tampa, FL. Kevin’s primary focus is delivering software on mobile devices. Kevin is active in the development user community where he speaks at user groups and hosts hacker rooms at Florida code camps. Kevin also holds an annual developer conference in Key West called SMUG Dev that attracts alpha geeks and technology leaders from all over the United States. With a background in Electrical Engineering Kevin has been pulled in to the latest Quadcopter craze and has built a custom flight controller board that runs the .NET Microframeworks. Kevin brews his own beer where he monitors his fermentation and kegerator temperatures on his Windows Phone. When he is not busy working on his computer or doting on his wife, Kevin enjoys going for runs, smoking cigars and taking his boat out.

Kelvin McDaniel @azarc3

McDaniel is a Senior Developer at AgileThought. He graduated with an MBA from Florida A&M University in 2000 and has experienced a range of fields, including insurance and finance. He had a love for the various mobile flavors of Windows since the early CE days. He acquired his first Windows-based PDA (a Philips Nino) in 1998 while working in New York City. Connect with Kelvin McDaniel on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Time: 5:30-8:00PM

Location: AgileThought Office (Tampa)

2502 N Rocky Point Dr Ste 900
Tampa, FL 33607

registration TBD

Session on Blogging tools, online meeting today!


!nBusinessLinks Network™

Activity Announcement

Topic for Discussion:

“Like” Social Media Part 2, as Easy as Using “Word”

by Russ and Gary Fustino


Live Meeting/Conference Call

Monday, April 14, 2014

12:00 PM, Noon

Live Interactive Meeting with Screen Sharing…



The Online Meeting/Call Originates from Design For Communication at 12:01PM

(with Round Table Introductions) to:

— Introduce YOUR Products/Services

— Tell Us What’s New

— Featured Business Highlights




At Your Facility (Computer’s Desktop/Tablet), or Private/Remote Location with Just a Smartphone


Coordinated by:

Online Screen Meeting/Audio Conference Call

Design For Communication

Live Online Screen Meeting Instructions:

1. On Your Computer- It’s Recommended to Use a Headset.

- Join-In 3-5 minutes before meeting, Over the Internet, with your computer / laptop / tablet at-

- This link:

- If you don’t already have the “Start Meeting” free software-

- A dialog box will come up and ask permission to download – please click/tap Yes.

- The system will guide you through the process to participate in the online meeting.

- Click/Tap “Join”, complete your name and email address, then click/tap “Submit”.

- First, the Fustino Brothers, Inc. dashboard with show on screen.

- Test your speaker/mike. If headset doesn’t work, or if connection is lost – try “Rejoin”.

- Click/Tap on the green microphone symbol. When the symbol turns red you are live.

- Introduce yourself.


Or, Conference Call Instructions to Join-In:

1. For the Phone- Take Your Call in a Quite Location-

- Join-In using a land line / mobile phone (no computer needed for this option).

- Dial – (530) 881-1212, at 12:01PM

- When prompted enter access code followed by the “pound” key.

- 679-256-129# (be sure to include the “#” symbol).


Meeting time approximately 45 mins. Meeting may be recorded.

DEVIntersection is coming to Orlando!

DEVintersection, April 13 – 16 in Orlando is upon us. This conference will focus on Visual Studio,, HTML5, Windows Azure, ALM and open source. This fast growing event is in its second year and is a collaboration between Microsoft, .NET Rocks and NextGen Conference Productions, Together they have created the next generation of events that will meet your expectations and can you believe “show package” attendees receive a choice of Surface 2 or XBOX ONE as part of their workshop package, now that ROCKS!

If you want to know where your favorite presenters are this spring join them at DEVintersection. Exciting insider keynotes delivered by Microsoft President, Scott Guthrie he will take you on an exciting journey to the Cloud. Scott Hanselman, Principal Architect for Web Platform and Tools dives into the barriers being unlocked with open source options that allow creativity to flow. Jay Schmelzer, Microsoft Director of Program Management for Visual Studio talks about the New Era of Development. Microsoft DPE Director, Steve Fox takes you into the world of Modern App’s. Douglas Crockford, independent consultant discovered the JSON Data Interchange Format, will entertain with his keynote “THE BETTER PARTS”.

Microsoft’s technical experts Doug Seven, Scott Hunter, Jay Schmelzer, Brady Gaster, Sayed Hashimi, Pranav Rastogi and Kris Lankford will join your favorite industry experts, among them John Papa, Todd Anglin, Juval Lowy, Richard Campbell, Dan Wahlin, Elijah Manor, Billy Hollis, Michelle Bustamante, Tim Huckaby, Carl Franklin, Brian Randell, Miguel Castro, Paul Litwin, Kathleen Dollard, Paul Sheriff, Ward Bell, Brain Benz, Jesse Liberty, Jeff Fritz, Joe Guadagno, Denise Jacobs, Rob Eisenberg, Phil Japikse, Michael Krasowski, Shayne Boyer, Zoiner Tejada and many more. Only speakers considered to be industry experts will be at DEVintersection and this line up not disappoint you.

I know an important aspect of an event is the interaction with your favorite Microsoft experts and industry gurus. They’ve created “intersection times” when attendees get together with presenters for lively discussions. It’s in the “white spaces” that cool things happen.

At DEVintersection you will not be alone and everyone is a VIP! You can attend the co-located events SQL intersection, SharePoint intersection and the very cool open source event <anglebrackets/> at no extra charge. Use my discount code online of “TULL” for $50 off registration. I hope you to see you in Orlando April 13 – 16 at the JW Marriott and if you can’t make spring mark your calendars for fall: Nov 10 – 13, 2014 in Vegas.

The show web sites are and the open source event is at

Use my discount code online of “TULL” for $50 off registration.

Spring dates: April 13 – 16, 2014 at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes

Fall dates: Nov 10 – 13, 2014 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas

Note if you sign up for the conference plus an optional workshop, you will get a choice with your package of an Xbox one or Surface 2.