Joe Darko Keynote from Tampa Code camp on Channel 9!

It was my please to record the keynote at the recent Tampa Code Camp 2016. Joe Darko, Southeast Program Manager Evangelist provides insight on what developer community is all about. Joe, is the MVP lead for all of the Southeast states with a few hundred MVP’s in his geography. It was great to see Joe come out to support his MVPs at the event and introduce himself to his new community. I am very excited to have Joe Darko as my MVP Lead!

Also, see Greg Leonardo go over updates for TampaDev which is now a non-profit organization! Great job to Greg and Kate Leonardo for pulling off yet another great Tampa Code Camp via TampaDev!

Photos from the Tampa Code Camp 2016 are posted here on Facebook


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Greg and Kate

Channel 9 – Russ’ ToolShed–Tampa-Code-Camp

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