Psychic Denise Fix Videos!

Fustino Brothers is proud to edit and publish these new entertaining videos from world renowned Psychic, Denise Fix, The East Coast Medium.

Here are links to her first two videos with many more to come.

Episode 1, Denise Fix, East Coast Medium & Master Psychic

See Master Psychic Denise Fix, the East Coast Medium, in action as she provides insight to her live studio audience, on life. Denise is the real deal. Premiere episode!

Episode 2, Denise Fix, East Coast Medium & Master Psychic

Master Psychic Denise Fix, The East Coast Medium entertains and delights as she talks thru spirits at a live show! Fathers, Husbands, Mothers and more do the communicating. Denise is amazing in Episode 2!

Subscribe to Denise’s YouTube Playlist here.


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