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Russ Fustino, Raygun Community Evangelist

Another chapter begins for me in this great developer community we have in our software industry! I am happy to announce I have started at www.raygun.io as the Raygun Community Evangelist! Raygun has the hottest error tracking and affected user software in our industry. Raygun continues to see significant growth month over month in downloads and installations…  Raygun supports more app platforms and more integration notification systems than anyone.  See lists below.

Are you tired figuring out null reference exceptions? Is it from C# , IL (Intermediate Language) or the machine code by the JIT compiler? This can be tricky indeed,..what exactly is null? Enter Raygun. For example, I had a WebException: Error: NameResolutionFailure in my Jethro Tull app during development, and the Raygun reporting pointed me directly to the http client request call that had failed. I forgot to put in a try / catch statement around that call and it was fixed pretty quick.


Also, Raygun’s backend infrastructure is second to none and is blazing fast, which is a huge benefit to developers during testing and development. It is great to have results to analyze in a matter of seconds on a consistent basis. Even better, is to get the results for production apps before your customers do and be proactive!

Message grouping an awesome feature of Raygun. What is message grouping? Let’s say you have a globalized web app and you have an error message from a browser in Germany and the same error in English. Even though textually different, they are grouped as effectively the same error! It makes your job easier. Start your free trial now at www.raygun.io .

The product continues to be enhanced with more enhancements planned. Check out  most recent Announcement on: Affected User Tracking – The Easy Way To Find Out Who, What, Why and When!

I am looking for speaking engagements, so let me know if you know of any user groups or events, who might  be interested in seeing this great set of tools. It’s all about taking your application quality to a higher level! Please contact me at rfustino@raygun.io .

Stay tuned to @RussFustino and @raygunio for more tweets about Raygun. Please like our Facebook page too !

Check out John-Daniel Trask interview on a recent episode of .NET Rocks Tune in for special offer, as a thanks just for listening! John-Daniel Trask is the Co-founder & CEO of Mindscape, creators of the popular Raygun error tracking software. John-Daniel is also a Microsoft ASP.NET MVP. I look forward to working with his energetic team and everyone at Raygun,They are a genuine and talented group!

We are expanding the US office based in the San Francisco Bay area and are hiring a sales, marketing and evangelism team over the next few months. The evangelism position is not geo specific. See details at: www.raygun.io/careers


Get notified today! Use Raygun!

Platform Support:


iOS, Ruby on Rails
Cold Fusion

Third Party languages:

goraygun (Go language)
RaygunAS (Adobe Air)


Visual Studio Online


Web Hooks


Octopus Deploy

Windows Phone User Group Tampa May 20, 2014


May 20, 2014 5:30PM – Resolving the last 10 percent.

Nick Randolf – MVP

Kevin Wolf – MVP

Kelvin McDaniel – AgileThought

Register at: http://wpugtampa20140520.eventbrite.com

Kevin’s goal for 2014 is to figure out how to reduce/eliminate the “last-mile” syndrome when building a mobile apps…basically you get to the 90% mark and think you are ready to publish, but then spend 90% of the time churning on the last 10%. See a presentation on tips/tricks for reducing the churn… These two are really tied together.

SPECIAL THANKS to KForce for providing the food!

Build it Beta is now public for Windows Phone app developers, but what is Build it Beta? Well it’s all about Windows Phone Application Testing. There are a number of existing mechanisms available to Windows Phone application developers but none of them offer the simplicity and ease of deployment as say TestFlight. Build it Beta
fills that gap, providing a mechanism to allow any Windows Phone application to be deployed for testing to any Windows Phone 8 device*.

Firstly, why the name?

Well it’s a bit of a play on words – we’re always looking to build better apps and of course during development we often release “beta” versions of the app. Hence the origin of “Build it Better Beta”.

Next, how does it work?

Windows Phone 8 included the ability to deploy applications within the enterprise without going through the Windows Phone Store. This is referred to as enterprise deployment and involves signing an application (ie the packaged application file .xap) with a signing certificate. The same certificate needs to be distributed to the devices that the application is to be tested on. Then the signed xap can be installed on the devices either via code or by distributing the application to the device via email or via a url link. Build it Beta uses this mechanism to deliver a testing tool which eliminates the complexity for both developers and testers.

Attend this session and learn how to get started! A simple set of setup instructions that will be reviewed and get you up and running in no time at all. Download Build it Beta from the Windows Phone Store.

Once you’ve completed the setup, all you need to do is to start sending your .xap files to upload @ builditbeta.com.


Nick Randolph – (@BTRoam) Microsoft MVP – Windows Phone Development

Nick currently runs Built to Roam which focuses on building rich mobile applications. Nick has been identified as a Microsoft MVP in recognition of his work and expertise with the Microsoft mobile platforms. He is still an active contributor in the device application development space via his blog at http://nicksnettravels.builttoroam.com and Visual Studio Magazine (http://visualstudiomagazine.com/Articles/List/Mobile-Corner.aspx). Nick has been invited to present at a variety of events including Tech Ed Australia & NZ, MEDC and Code camp. He has also authored multiple books with the latest being Professional Visual Studio 2010 and Professional Development for Windows Phone, and helped judge multiple world finals for the Imagine Cup. Since the release of Windows Phone Nick has worked on numerous Windows Phone applications and has helped hundreds of developers build their own Windows Phone applications. Nick has been involved with Windows Phone applications for well-known brands such as Domain.com.au, ninemsn, AFL, NRL, Qantas, JB Hi-Fi and NAB.

Kevin Wolf – (aka @ByteMaster) Microsoft MVP – Windows Phone Development

Kevin Wolf is an independent software consultant and a Microsoft MVP with the expertise in Windows Phone Development from Tampa, FL. Kevin’s primary focus is delivering software on mobile devices. Kevin is active in the development user community where he speaks at user groups and hosts hacker rooms at Florida code camps. Kevin also holds an annual developer conference in Key West called SMUG Dev that attracts alpha geeks and technology leaders from all over the United States. With a background in Electrical Engineering Kevin has been pulled in to the latest Quadcopter craze and has built a custom flight controller board that runs the .NET Microframeworks. Kevin brews his own beer where he monitors his fermentation and kegerator temperatures on his Windows Phone. When he is not busy working on his computer or doting on his wife, Kevin enjoys going for runs, smoking cigars and taking his boat out.

Kelvin McDaniel @azarc3

McDaniel is a Senior Developer at AgileThought. He graduated with an MBA from Florida A&M University in 2000 and has experienced a range of fields, including insurance and finance. He had a love for the various mobile flavors of Windows since the early CE days. He acquired his first Windows-based PDA (a Philips Nino) in 1998 while working in New York City. Connect with Kelvin McDaniel on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Time: 5:30-8:00PM

Location: AgileThought Office (Tampa)

2502 N Rocky Point Dr Ste 900

Tampa, FL 33607